Your arms are best but when you cannot hold your baby up, BabyUp® will do this for you.

This is BabyUp®

An innovative product which holds babies in a natural position, as comfortable as a parent's arm.

It can gently rock your baby and play your heartbeat or a sweet lullaby.

The position will help your baby digest his milk after a feed and help keep stomach contents from going back up.

It also transforms into a comfortable highchair.

Your baby (and you!) will be more rested, happy and healthy.

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'The Third Parent'

I can confidently say that the BabyUp® should be on the list of essential items for caring for a child, alongside the stroller, crib, and changing table.
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Raffaella Di Capua

“The Third Parent”
I consider myself fortunate to have noticed my daughter’s gastroesophageal reflux issues early on, and I began using BabyUp® within her first month
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Elena Tammelleo

“Farewell, troubled sleep”
My baby likes to watch tv whilst on BabyUp®

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Francesco Viola

“Perfect for relaxing”

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