BabyUp featured as groundbreaking product in this article

No idea what to stock up on ahead of little one’s arrival? We asked The Baby Show’s Show Director, Mallory Reynolds-Trout, to share 9 game-changing products that revolutionise the world of parenting to make your pre-baby shopping one hell of a lot easier.

BabyUp®  – If your baby has reflux, it can be extremely challenging. Regular regurgitation of milk and tummy pain can get both baby and parent down. Shockingly, half of babies worldwide suffer from reflux in some shape or form and this issue is on the rise.  In a survey of 100 parents whose child has reflux, 65% said it had put them off wanting another baby. However, hope is on the horizon with the UK launch of BabyUp – aka ‘the third parent‘. 

Created by Dr Albani and based on vigorous testing, it is an innovative product which holds babies in a natural position, as comfortable as being in a parent’s arms. It gently rocks your baby, playing a heartbeat or lullaby using Bluetooth speakers inside the BabyUp. Keeping your baby in the optimal position to aid digest after a feed prevents stomach contents from coming back up. What’s more, its convenient foldable design ensures you can take it with you wherever you and your baby go.

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