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Introducing BabyUp®: A Solution for Colic and Reflux in Babies

BabyUp® is a groundbreaking solution designed to address the common conditions of colic and reflux that affect most infants during their first few months of life. These conditions can significantly impact the quality of life for both the baby and their family. Recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device specifically developed for reflux and colic in babies, BabyUp® not only provides relief but also offers parents a practical and comfortable solution that aids in the digestion of all infants.

Experience peace of mind and enhance your baby’s well-being with BabyUp® , the comprehensive solution for colic and reflux that understands the needs of both infants and parents.

Key Features of BabyUp®

Versatile Position

BabyUp® offers two alternative positions, at 70 and 45 degrees, allowing parents to choose the most suitable angle for their baby’s comfort.

Adjustable Seat Levels

The seat level can be easily adapted to accommodate your baby’s size and needs as they grow.

Customizable Rocking Speed

Parents have the flexibility to regulate the rocking speed, ensuring their baby’s soothing experience.


 BabyUp® is designed to be conveniently portable, allowing you to move it wherever you go, ensuring your baby’s comfort remains a priority.

High Chair Transformation

This innovative product effortlessly transforms into a high chair, providing practicality and comfort for feeding and daily activities. It can be used until the child reaches 2 years of age.

Quality Materials

BabyUp® is crafted with safety and comfort in mind. All plastic parts are made of Polypropylene, a durable and safe material. The baby carrier, the main unit lining, and the baby seat cushion are constructed from 100% Polyester, ensuring both comfort and ease of cleaning.

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