Coliche, un nuovo seggiolino (che diventa seggiolone) le allevia naturalmente

Colic in newborns poses a significant challenge for many parents: from the first weeks of life until the third or fourth month, inconsolable crying is often attributed to gas in the belly.

This condition presents with symptoms such as esophagitis, spasms, and sleep disturbances, creating concerns related to the baby’s well-being. In reality, it is not always true colic. Instead, the crying associated with colic encompasses various discomforts of the newborn—even in healthy babies—that are natural and linked to growth. Consulting a doctor is always advisable, but in general, there are strategies to alleviate colic and the distress that causes crying.

Based on these strategies, which we will now list, a new tool has caught the attention of the English medical world: it’s called BabyUp and is perfect for those parents, perhaps alone, who cannot always afford to hold the baby in their arms.

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