The Third Parent

From the very moment this little bundle of joy enters your life, it’s as if they take the reins, and suddenly, time becomes a precious commodity. You find yourself cherishing even just an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
Sharing a meal with my husband seemed like a distant memory, much like the idea of cuddling up to watch a movie together. You see, after a long day of work, we used to unwind in front of the TV.
We knew that having Lea would disrupt our routines, but it’s a compromise you willingly make when you decide to bring a child into the world.Then one day, we were presented with the opportunity to try out this intriguing device we had never seen before. It goes by the name of BabyUp® , and, as we like to call it, it’s become the “third parent” in our family.
Right from the start, we realized that my husband and I could actually have both of our arms free at the same time. Lea would be comfortably nestled in her BabyUp® , sound asleep and safe!
I adore gazing at her up there. She wears that same peaceful expression as when I cradle her in my arms, with one significant difference—meanwhile, I can whip up a decent dinner without fretting about her proximity to the stove. We can dine together, chat about our day, and relish those moments.
We position Lea on the BabyUp® after her meals; sitting in an upright position aids her digestion, and more often than not, she spends the initial part of the night up there.

When I’m home alone, the BabyUp® grants me the freedom to take a shower at my convenience. Previously, I’d have to wait for my husband to return, and for a woman who has just given birth, the lack of independence can be rather frustrating.
Thanks to the BabyUp® , we can carve out some quality time for ourselves without the guilt of leaving her with a stranger. It’s given us the gift of continuing our daily routines with the added blessing of having Lea in our lives.
I like to believe that when we cradle her, she senses two parents who are calm and composed. Lea doesn’t have to absorb the stress that would naturally transfer to her if she were held for hours on end.
You love your child unconditionally, but it’s unrealistic to expect to transmit serenity to them if you can’t even manage to carve out an hour for yourselves.

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